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Update on the Vacancy at Holy Trinity

We would like to make everyone aware that we are moving forward in the process to fill the Vacancy at Holy Trinity (and St Laurence’s). A Parochial Church Council meeting was held at the beginning of July at which Archdeacon Karen Hamblin was present and she was able to give us an update from the perspective of the diocese. She has been working with both Bishop Libby and Bishop Paul (of Oswestry) and all are keen to get the process moving as soon as possible. We discussed the Parish Profile (which gives information for prospective applicants and outlines the sort of Priest we are looking for) and it is hoped that that will be finalised and in the public domain within a matter of weeks, with advertising for the post in September and shortlisting and interviews to follow. This is all very much quicker than has been the case in the past and we are much encouraged by the progress that is being made. We will give an update when there is anything further to report.

Geoff Raby and Sharon Wright Churchwardens

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