Worship at our church is centred on the Mass: the sacrament instituted by Christ at the Last Supper. It reflects the Catholic and formal tradition of the Church of England and is rich in beauty and devotion; with vestments and incense, music and prayer. We are serious about our worship of God, but we hope also our liturgy is accessible and easy to follow. And we are joyful in our worship – and can even be light-hearted when that’s the right thing.

A Sung Mass is the main service on Sunday mornings and there are two Said Masses during the week. We also celebrate the principal feasts of the church and have a full programme of services during Holy Week. Our services complement the pattern of worship at St Laurence’s Long Eaton with whom we have a close association .

Do join us in our worship – you will be given a warm and gentle greeting. All are welcome: children, enquirers, and the curious; and of course, those who are looking for a church like ours.