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May 9th 2021

Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Parish Mass 11.15 am

This Week in our parishes

Monday 6.30pm Mass at St Laurence

Tuesday 9.30am Mass at Holy Trinity

Wednesday 10.00am Mass at St Laurence

Thursday The Ascension of the Lord 7.00pm Mass at Holy Trinity

                                                and 7.00pm Mass at St Laurence

Friday 12noon Mass at St Laurence

Next Sunday 16th  May   EASTER 7

9.30am   THE PARISH MASS at St Laurence

11.15am THE PARISH MASS at Holy Trinity

Hymns    NEH (Green) :

Introit:                 362   Glorious things of thee are spoken

Gradual:              143   Spirit of mercy, truth and love

Offertory             360   Formly I believe and truly

Communion       389   Jesus these eyes have never seen

Recessional:        377   Immortal, invisible, God only wise

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